Born to a very artistic and hardworking family, Crister left home at age 12 to join several siblings living in the Bay Area. Crister worked extremely hard to put himself through school – working full time even as a high school student. Crister then attended the College of Marin for two years before transferring to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Once at UCSB, Crister continued to excel, earning a BFA in theater and BA in Spanish, and upon graduation, was awarded the prestigious Alyce Marita Whitted Memorial Award for overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of academics.

Since his graduation, Crister continues to pursue his goals – not only is he redefining high fashion in Santa Barbara, but he is also an aspiring actor and playwright, and enjoys helping others achieve their goals as a personal trainer. As a trainer, Crister strongly believes that beauty steams from being healthy and fit-not being a certain size. In order to promote this message, he uses his personal training clients, as well as local women of all ages from Santa Barbara as his models. Crister credits his parents for teaching him respect and self-discipline, the importance hard work, and the appreciation for others’ ideas. His passionate pursuit of personal goals has made him a man of very strong convictions. Crister prides himself on setting high objectives, and finding ways to achieve these aims. He is a strong believer in success and knows that with determination and perseverance anyone can accomplish his /her goals.